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“Creamy and delicious! I’ve been struggling for years to find something that has low sugar AND tastes great to help me fuel for my hockey matches. I finally have a solution and I’m looking forward to the future products…”
“The 18 grams of protein keeps my energy levels up and 1 gram of sugar keeps me from peaking then crashing. No sacrifice on taste! This is great for me being on the go and better for my husband’s diabetic needs."
“Managing my diabetes is new to me. I had no clue how impactful it is to my daily life and how few options are available. Most claim to be healthy but are packed with sugars. Although it tastes like it is packed with sugar, it clearly isn’t because my glucose levels are untouched.”
“I’m honestly a lazy person and prefer the easiest route to accomplish my selfish tasks. Managing my glucose levels is cake with No Spike and the drink tastes delicious.”
"I like getting ahead in various areas when I can. My health is tough to balance with my various priorities. This product is on-the-go and tastes like melted ice-cream. I’m hoping they launch a banana flavored product next.”